Where To Purchase Potted Plants For People In Nashville

Nashville potted plants.

The spring season is almost here. A day with 70°C temperature in February might have made many people desperately wanting the wintertime to end and the warmer months to start. In the warmer season, a daffodil starts poking its way through frozen soil, plus bright, green leafage spreads out from the bare branches from the winter. This is when you want winter to end and those attractive elements of nature to return.

Plants are more than just attractive. Research has demonstrated that plants can have a positive effect on mental health. As per some researchers who spoke to CNBC, forming a mild connection with plants added slight yet meaningful involvement that increased the advantages.

Almost every Nashville inhabitant knows that Gardens of Babylon and Bates Nursery & Garden Center have many plants on offer. The two locations found a place in the Best Nursery/Garden Center category in the Readers’ Poll section of the Best of Nashville 2020. Anyhow, there are many other shopping locations for plant seekers from Nashville. Shared below is a list of some other local producers and stores for people who seek fresh plants.

Flora Plant Shop

This store is in two locations: The Franklin Main Street and Trinity Lane, Nashville. Both locations open all week long for those who want to shop in-person. That said, you may shop for its products online, and have these delivered to your home or arrange curbside pickup in Nashville. So, if you wish to reduce physical contact in this coronavirus period, one of those two non-in-person purchase options may be for you.

The online store is split into four categories: medium light, bright light, pet-friendly and low light plants. Every single one of those sections provides many options to pick from, so you are most likely to discover the right product for your real estate space.

Are you seeking a small product to spruce up a rather dim-looking corner of your residence? If yes, consider shopping for its product named ‘Fittonia – Red & Pink’. Or, are you seeking a large, pet-friendly plant? In that case, think about buying its 8-inch-tall product named ‘Bamboo Palm’.

The store also has many lovely accessories. Some people seek its wall planter made of clay with a matte white finish. That product is so delicate that it resembles the broken egg of a bird. Those customers also like the store’s decorative watering pots, which include a product named ‘Rainbow Watering Can’. With one of those containers, you can ditch the drinking glassware you use to water certain potted plants. The issue with watering through those glasses is that it results in the water being spilled all over the place.


The vibrant, manually-painted pots of PepperPalm are attractive. Pepper Palm the artisan has made a pot that honors all the pastels, girly fashion and glitter of the initial parts of the noughties decade. She has also made a pot that celebrates the 1990’s-style funky bold patterns and colors. It has patchwork plant vibes of the 1990s to some extent.

The artisan even suggests which plant type would appear best with the palette of every single pot. For her pot named ‘Ablaze’, she recommends a tropical form of plant with rich green leafage such as a Pilea or Alocasia Odora.

She also offers Kokedama with succulents, ferns, dracaena or pothos, which are all obtained from nurseries in Nashville. For the uninitiated, the Japanese word ‘Kokedama’ refers to the art of making potless plants with soil, string, and moss.

Lawrence & Clarke Cacti Co.

According to the Nashville Scene newspaper journalist Lance Conzett, there is no better place to purchase a cactus than this. Conzett’s opinion is featured in the newspaper’s Best of Nashville 2018 section.

The Scene journo described the Old Hickory-based store as a ‘charming succulent heaven’, which offers vintage-style home décor, plus numerous indoor plants. The store is accessible weeklong to those who want to make an in-person visit, and it tends to post photographs of its stock on Instagram.

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