About The Shindellas Band’s First Single ‘Money’

Nashville band the Shindellas

The new Shindellas single, Money’s video serves as an example of the Nashville band’s indisputable talent and powerful presence. The unique music-related background of every single member combines with the rest and makes a unique sound, which reminds us of iconic groups like The Supremes yet with a contemporary twist. 


The video has stellar visuals, powerful vocals, and sequined ensembles. It came out in the form of a musical single this January. In it, Tamara Chauniece, Stacy Johnson, and Kasi Jones sing regarding the greed around us as well as the relief emerging from discovering a reliable and trustworthy person.


Tamara Chauniece, Stacy Johnson, and Kasi Jones constitute the trio of musicians we know as The Shindellas. Johnson comes from an advertising and reggae music background. Chauniece spent her growing-up years around church music because her mother was a pastor back then. On the other hand, Jones comes from a background of musical theatre and jazz.


Prestigious songwriters cum producers Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly made those three group members acquaint with each other. Harmony and Kelly not only write songs, but they also perform as the duo ‘Louis York’. Weirdo Workshop is the name of the duo’s artist collective.


Johnson once told National Public Radio that Harmony is excellent at producing different cool portions of one’s voice. Because Harmony writes much for women, he knew the way of expressing from the perspective of women, said Johnson during her interview with National Public Radio. Harmony knows the way of producing the voice from musicians well, said Johnson. Listening to what Harmony works on with his headphones, would make you wish to try harder, she said.


In Money, Aaron Greene, the director of the music video, follows the Shindellas members clad in colorful costumes, as the trio dances through a vacant warehouse. Green filmed the video in that warehouse setting, where the trio leaves no corner untouched.


You may follow The Shindellas band on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for more information regarding them. Thus, you can learn more about the Nashville trio’s first album slated for release soon.

Source: https://www.nashvillescene.com/music/nashville-cream/article/21147178/watch-the-shindellas-shine-in-money